Tea Tastings

Here at Dobra, we love tasting and comparing tea varieties. Where and how they are grown, how they are processed and what flavors they offer. Please taste and comment, we are happy to share! Our tea samplings are served in the same tea sets used by professional tea tasters all over the world.

The Mystery of the Three Treasure Troves – Yunnan Teas

Three aromas, three tastes and three colors from a single tea bush in the Chinese province of Yunnan! Three representatives of this region’s diversity: Green, Black, and Pu-er meet at Dobrá Tea.


Morning Mist Ascends the Mountain – Taiwanese Oolong Teas

Sweet and savory, floral and rich, the Oolong teas of Taiwan bring forth flavors not found in any other tea. This set allows a delectable comparison of two teas from Pingling, Hsin Chu, or Nantou growing regions of Taiwan. Choose any two Taiwanese Oolongs or allow a Tea Devotea to help you choose.


The Ways 3 on the East China Sea – Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Green Teas

Three countries all tied together by one sea, three masterful methods of making green tea. China: pan-frying, Japan: steaming, Korea: (the middle way) steaming and pan-frying. Taste the way the process shapes the tea by drinking Long Jing, Tamaryokucha, and Nok Cha side by side.


Spring Arrives in the Middle Kingdom – Chinese Green Teas

Green tea can take many forms. Over thousands of years, Chinese tea producers have coaxed amazing shapes, aromas, and flavors from the humble bush. Compare two Chinese green teas to learn which tastes set them apart and which tie them together. Choose 2 Chinese green teas, pg. 13-21, or ask a devotea for suggestions.


Wide Valley, High Peak – Assamica Black Teas

Assamica style teas grow at extremely diverse altitudes. Taste the difference terroir makes by tasting a high grown next to a low grown Assamica variety black tea.

Choose one in each category (A & B):

A: High Grown  |  Ceylon Adams Peak  |  Nilgiri Shiva

B: Low Grown  |  Ceylon Tiger River  |  Kenyan Black  |  Assam Bramaputra