Food – Meals & Snacks

For Hungry Tea Drinkers

Fruits and vegetables are grown on local, sustainable farms whenever possible. All items labeled (v) are vegetarian, (v+) vegan, (gf) gluten free.

Please alert your server to any food allergies before ordering!


Morning Meals Served Anytime

Miso Soup (v+, gf)

A Japanese traditional soup made of slowly wood fired soybeans hand crafted in the Pioneer Valley by South River Miso. This soup is sipped for nourishing the deep essential energies of the body and it pairs perfectly with Japanese green teas. Garnished with chopped scallions and wakame.

Fruit of the Dawn (v, gf)

Honey dappled slices of apples and oranges, dusted with cinnamon and imbued with rose water.

Couscous Casablanca (v)

A sweet couscous blended with honey, cinnamon sugar, roasted mixed nuts and topped with fresh fruits. Healthy and refreshing.

Pita Jerusalem (v, gf options)

Warmed pita, lightly buttered, with a generous dusting of cinnamon-sugar.

(v+) Substitute raw coconut butter for butter

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Sweet Rice (v+, gf)

Steamed rice with raw coconut butter, mixed with raisins, maple syrup and almond slices. Full of comfort and warmth.


Full Plates

Tea Meal

A complete Dobra experience! Choose any tea that can be served in a Gaiwan and any two dishes listed below:

Miso Soup (v+, gf)

Matcha Tea Biscuits (gf)

Pita with Hummus or Babaganoush (v+)

Fruit of the Dawn (gf)

Pita Jerusalem, Lebanon, or Zaatar (v+, v)

Crystalized Ginger (v+, gf)

Takadasan or Kimchee Rice

Chocolate Cookie

Dolmas (v+, gf)

Daifuku Mochi (v+, gf)


Mezze Plate (v+)

A warmed pita, hummus with Zaatar and olive oil, two dolmas, and a bowl of gourmet olives.

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Mediterranean Couscous (v)

A savory couscous blended with chopped gourmet olives, fresh tomato, olive oil, feta cheese, and Gomasio seasoning.

(v+) Substitute cucumber for feta

(gf) Substitute rice for couscous

Pita Dahab (v)

Warmed pita bread served with local Sangha goat cheese dusted with cardamom, fresh slices of tomatoes and a bowl of gourmet olives.

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Babaganoush (v+)

A popular spread in the Middle East and Turkey made from roasted eggplant, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil. A rich and healthy delicacy. Served with warm pita bread, fresh organic vegetables and the seasoning Zaatar.

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Hummus (v+)

A traditional dish, popular in the Middle East, made from organic chickpeas, sesame tahini, roasted garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. It is sprinkled with Zaatar seasoning and served with warm pita and slices of fresh, sustainably grown vegetables.

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Dolmas (v+, gf)

Grape leaves hand wrapped around delicately spiced rice.

Pita Zaatar (v)

Warmed pita served with a dipping bowl of olive oil and feta cheese, deeply flavored with tangy Zaatar spices.

(v+) Substitute fresh tomato for feta cheese

(gf) Substitute teff wrap

Pita Lebanon (v+)

Warmed pita topped with bold Lebanese spices and olive oil.

(gf) Substitute teff wrap


Takadasan Rice (gf)

Steamed rice topped with traditional Japanese rice seasoning and a side of Sunomono (Japanese cucumber salad). Choose from an option with shaved bonito flakes (dried smoked fish) or a vegan option. Both versions are sweet, crunchy and oceanic. Bring on the Umami!

(v+, gf) Please specify if you would like the vegan topping.


Tea Snacks

Mixed Nuts (v+, gf)

An irresistible bowl of mixed roasted nuts.

Dried Fruits (v+, gf)

An exotic mixture of dried apples, plums, figs, dates, and apricots. Unsulfured.

Crystallized Ginger (v+, gf)

A bowl of crystallized root ginger. A specialty popular on the African continent for its tonic and healthy effects.

Daifuku Mochi (v+, gf)

A soft, chewy rice cake stuffed with a delicious, sweet, red bean paste. A traditional sweet served with tea in Japan.



Sunomono (sweet and savory cucumber salad)

Side of Sunomono

Local Maple Syrup

Side of Local Maple Syrup

Local Honey

Side of Local Honey

Fresh Vegetables

Side of Fresh Vegetables

Hummus, Baba, or Goat Cheese

Side of Hummus, Baba, or Goat Cheese

Gourmet Olives

Side of Gourmet Olives

Gluten Free Teff Wrap

Side of Gluten Free Teff Wrap

Pita Bread

Side of Pita Bread