Aromatized – Flavored Black Teas

Lychee Cha

Naturally sweet, this enticing blend is a traditional recipe from Guangdong. Black tea leaves, aromatized in the Chinese method, hum with an intensely fruity flavor that produces smiles and sighs on consumption. The lychee fruit, native to the subtropical regions in Asia, has a unique taste somewhat in-between a pear and a grape. This tea is perfect for drinking with the first snowfall.

Plum Tea

Black tea aromatized with plum in the traditional way. Some bits of the dried fruit are mixed in the tea after the scenting process, giving an extra juicy sweetness to the finished brew.

Vanilla Tea

A treat for vanilla lovers! The succor of vanilla offsets the natural astringency of the black tea, giving this balanced tea a dessert-like quality. This tea from the Guangdong province is aromatized in the traditional Chinese way.

Casanova – Rose Tea

The romance of a dozen roses! This tea is served in a special double-spouted teapot, pouring simultaneously into two cups for love-struck couples. A burst of rose arises over the flavor of black tea, sure to awaken the Casanova in anyone.

Earl Grey – Bergamot English Tea

A black tea flavored with the oil of bergamot made according to an ancient Chinese recipe obtained by the 2nd Earl Grey, as a gift, on his travels through China in 1830. In England the new preparation gained world-wide renown under the name of its discoverer. Served in the “English style” with Pioneer Valley milk or dairy-free milk options and organic sugar. Its unique bergamot aroma is unmistakable.