Dobra Tea


The Origins of Dobrá Tea

The Society of Tea Devotees, the founders and suppliers of Dobrá, started as a group of tea smugglers in Czechoslovakia before the fall of Communism. Because the best teas were reserved only for the government or the military elite, the devotees had to smuggle good teas into Prague from East Germany. After the Velvet Revolution (1989), the devotees founded their official Society of Tea Devotees (1992) and their first Bohemian-style tearoom, Dobrá Čajovna, in Prague (1993). The Tearoom became a shelter, where like-minded individuals could gather and taste the world of tea. The company began to spread its tea concept to cities and small towns throughout the Czech Republic. In 2003 Dobrá Tea opened its first U.S. tearoom in Burlington, VT.

Dobra Tea Northampton is the seventh and most recent addition to the family. Each Dobra Tea Room is independently owned and operated by highly trained Devoteas, who maintain the very high standard of quality and service that our Tea Rooms require. Traveling to tea growing countries annually, we have gone to great distances to source all of our teas directly from their regions of origin. Our direct relationship with tea growers allows us to ensure that our teas represent the best balance of quality, growing practices, and value. If you wish to read more about our journeys please ask a Devotea for a copy of our Tea Travel Journal.

Our Tea Room, Our Philosophy

At Dobra Tea we strive to evoke an atmosphere somewhere between a church and a pub, where you may find serenity alone, or connect with friends and loved ones. Our tearoom is an eclectic mix of Bohemian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Asian aesthetic, offering a comfortable transporting break from the every day.

For us, tea is a way of life. This tearoom is our way of sharing our passion for tea, culture and locally sourced food with our community. Our teas are served in handmade pottery or in vessels traditional to the tea producing countries of the world. Our drinking water is filtered to provide the purest taste and bring out our tea’s most delicate flavors.

While the majority of our teas are hand made in distant lands where the process has been mastered over the centuries, our food, as much as possible, is grown right here in the Pioneer Valley. We are strong believers in locally produced, chemical free foods and we strive to meet as many dietary restrictions as possible. Dobra Tea is a haven for diversity. We welcome people of all walks of life, gender, sexual preference, nationality, political affiliations, and belief systems, to share our space and join our community.

The Owners: Alli & Joel Jukiro

We began our relationship with Dobra Tea, and each other, while attending college at the University of Vermont. We spent many passionate evenings tucked away together in a dimly lit corner of the Dobra Tea in Burlington sharing tea, dreaming of far off lands and plotting our future. After graduating from college we followed our passions to Northern Montana where we lived and worked on a small community oriented farm, wrote, directed and produced socially driven theater, built trails and helped to create a tea program for the much loved Green Tea House in Whitefish, MT. After three years in Montana, we decided it was time to do something big. So we grabbed our backpacks and traveled around the tea lands of China for three months. During our travels it became very clear to us that the path to the future lay along a tea road.


… And so on returning, we moved across the country to join the Devotea’s in the newly opened Dobra Tea in Portland, Maine where we studied and worked for two years. During this time we learned about the art of tea and the tea business from the owners and employees in Prague, Portland, Burlington, Pittsburgh and Asheville. These relationships have been implemental to our growth. We could never have opened without their constant love and support. Each of the Dobra Tearooms is a reflection of the owners and staff who pour heart and soul into their creation and upkeep. We hope you enjoy ours.

Tea, Long Life and Prosperity,
Alli and Joel Jukiro